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  • Childhood Ruined

    (NSFW: Language) FoxADHD does for classic children’s stories and movies what it did for superheroes, taking any sense of wonder and magic and crushing it like a bug with its putrid guts splattering from beneath your shoe.

  • The Windy Airport

    Birmingham Airport in England is plagued by crosswinds during winter, pushing planes around, flexing their wings and overall leading to white knuckle takeoffs and stomach clenching landings.

  • Railroad Spike Knife

    Handmade by the blacksmiths at The Learning Barn Iron Works, this knife started its life as an old railroad spike. It’s been polished and honed to create a razor-sharp blade. They also make a nifty hand-forged bottle opener.

  • 52! Card Shuffle

    There are just 52 cards in a deck, but it’s almost impossible that the sequence you get after a shuffle would be the same as anyone has ever seen before, or will ever see again. TEDucator Yannay Khaikin explains the mindboggling math.

  • If They Could Transform

    Illustrator Darren Rawlings envisions what classic vehicles from movies and TV would look like if they were robots in disguise. The Ecto-1 and Mach V are pretty awesome, but the Mystery Machine is downright epic.

  • Lotus C-01

    Kodewa licensed the Lotus brand for its motorcycle. Designed by Daniel Simon – the man behind the TRON: Legacy light cycle – the eye candy drag bike has a 200hp 1.2L V-twin engine and a steel, titanium and carbon fiber chassis.

  • Eye Of The Tiger: Dot Matrix Ed.

    By manipulating the print heads of an old dot matrix printer, MIDIDesaster was able to play Survivor’s classic Eye of the Tiger. Though we were hoping that it would have printed this instead of jibberish. Also: Everlong.

  • Cats Puking To Techno

    (Gross) It’s exactly what it says on the tin. YouTuber ASIV synchronized videos of cats that are about to barf to electronic dance music. Sadly he included the part where the cats actually barf.

  • MTT-136 All Terrain Sled

    Yvon Martel’s MTT-136 is an all-terrain sled. Its electric motor lasts up to 130mi depending on its battery. It’s small and light enough to fit in the back of a family van but strong enough to ferry two people. Available in one or two tracks.

  • Insane Drag Race Explosion

    While we were at the NHRA Winternationals drag races, driver Ron Capps encountered engine problems which caused a spectacular explosion of his Dodge Charger funny car. Incredibly, he sustained no injuries. Slow-mo footage at 1:30.

  • Star Wars X NFL

    Behance member John Raya made Star Wars-themed football helmets, borrowing many of the color schemes and icons from those of NFL teams. We’d love to see the Hal Hutta Hutts on offense. NFC teams here, AFC teams here.

  • The Sunday Times: Icons

    Shot in a single take with no edits, this promo spot by Us for the UK’s The Sunday Times takes us seamlessly between iconic figures ranging from Rodin’s The Thinker to Forrest Gump to Daft Punk. Go behind the scenes here.

  • Boggie: Nouveau Parfum

    The music video for Boggie’s single Nouveau Parfum presents post-production in real time. Hungarian video collective The Soup used a combination of makeup, lighting and digital effects to create the fictional editing software.

  • Manila Folder 777

    This amazing 1:60 scale model of a Boeing 777 airliner is being crafted from thousands of meticulously cut pieces of manila folders by papercraft artist Luca Iaconi-Stewart. The doors even have working hinges. WIP videos here.

  • Ultimate Workout Fails

    If you ever find yourself in the gym standing next to one of these overly-ambitious fitness freaks, run as fast as you can to the other side of the room – before they cause bodily harm to anyone other than themselves.

  • This Isn’t Photoshopped

    These images may look they were created using digital imaging tools, but they’re actually still images shot of a bowl of M&Ms or bubblegum under a sheet of glass with water droplets, and just the right lighting.

  • Kyte & Key Cabelet

    A stylish way to carry your charge-and-sync USB cables with you. Cabelets are covered in brown, black, white or orange braided leather with bronze or steel clasps. Available in Lightning or MicroUSB.

  • LOL My Thesis

    LOL My Thesis is a blog where university students summarize their theses in one or two sentences. The result is Twitter-esque self-deprecating humor. Don’t let your parents find out about it.

  • Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth

    A wireless variant of Griffin’s clickable knob for Mac OS X. The PowerMate Bluetooth makes it easier to navigate and use various programs, especially video and audio creation software. Available Summer 2014 for $60.

  • Junk Head 1

    (NSFW/Gore) In the distant future, humans have become immortal cyborgs but are unable to reproduce. Takahide Hori’s Junk Head 1 is a funny and horrifying masterpiece of stop-motion. For the love of God, let’s fund the sequel.

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