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    I Have 5 Avengers Infinity War Theories And There Going To Blow Your Mind

    Mind Blown


    Okay so if your like the most of the world right now you have seen or at least heard of Avengers Infinity wars. First of all yes the movie was good like director wise and special effects wise stuff like that but if you really break it down its kind of a shitty movie. I mean it's like a filler movie, because its like a 2 part movie there's like no plot to it. I mean it just shows Thanos getting all the stones and a ton of people dying or so we think that brings me to my first point.

    1. They didn't really die.

    2. It's not the time stone that's used to save everyone.

    Literally everyone i've talked to are all like "Oh we're all gonna go back in time and make everyone happy again chip chip cheerio" ( I'm kidding were not british). However from all the research i've done and all the comics i've read instead of using the time stone people just like mindfuck with the reality stone. Now I know that the movies are "loosely" based off the comics but still it would make the most sense to go down that route. I mean people dont just like denigrate they like die ya know.

    3. Who's gonna be in wave four.

    Now this one i'm not as confident on but i still got some stuff so just hear me out. I think that who's left living now (i.e Cap, iron man, thor) like the big ones are going to die and the ones who have disintegrated will be wave four. My personal thought is Spiderman, Black Panther, Bucky, Scarlett Witch, Doctor Strange, and Wong are gonna be wave four (as well as the guardians including Nebula). I honestly think the biggest shocker of the movie was not seeing Cap or Iron man die. Literally everyone though it was going to happen. However with Iron man barely clinging to life on Titan, as well as Thor who literally says he doesn't have anything left to live for, and Cap, I think there going somehow sacrifice themselves for the wave four peeps. And yes I think Scarlet witch and Bucky are going to come back even though people they love are dead/proably going to die. ALSO YOU CAN'T JUST BRING BUCKY BACK FOR ONE MOVIE I NEED MORE BUCKY!!!!

    4. Where is everyone that disintegrated?

    5. Who is Captain Marvel and what in the heckins is she gonna do?