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    Top 10 Under 10: Top 10 Musical Theatre Programs (Based On Successful Alumni Within The Last 10 Years Since Graduation)

    Many musical theatre programs and conservatories have been around for several decades, such as Carnegie Mellon University, NYU, and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), with some programs only popping up within the past two decades, such as Texas State University, Elon University, and Baldwin Wallace Conservatory. Some programs have an incredible and long legacy and history of successful alumni and performers dating back to the mid-late 1900’s. However, a great indication of a program’s success and preparation of their students is how their recent alumni have done professionally.


    Based on their program websites and online articles noting their alumni, we’ve ranked the top Musical Theatre programs solely based on how many successful alumni there have been within the past 10 years of graduating (since 2006), looking specifically at their musical theatre graduates on Broadway, National/International Tours, TV, and Film. *Note: this is only one way to rank musical theatre programs, and is by no means a definitive or absolute ranking.*

    1. University of Michigan

    2. Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

    3. Elon University

    4. Carnegie Mellon University

    5. Boston Conservatory

    6. NYU Tisch

    7. Baldwin Wallace Conservatory

    8. Florida State University

    9. Ithaca College

    10. Penn State University