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Tribute To Adam West

The news of Adam West death came across to me, in a Facebook post published by the BBC News. Adam West has died at age 88 years old after battling with leukaemia.

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Batman Dance

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My favourite Batman dance.

My fond Memory of Adam West

After spending 15 binge-watching seasons of Family Guy. I have grown fond of Mayor West of Quahog, Rhode Island. Mayor's eccentric behaviour seems to fit into the role and his voice was perfect for the part of the show.

Adam West

If you remember Adam West like I do. I admire his roles and special appearances during his acting career. I remember last year. There was a video on his Facebook page of Adam cooking a special recipe. Greatly admiring his artistic talent for so many other things.

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Thank you for bringing colour to my life. Although I am far I can sense that Adam West not only brought colour to life but lead a colourful life as well. Rest in Peace. My condolences to your family and friends. Once again. I would love to thank you for your roles and the wonderful interviews you have done. It was a pure joy watching them as a kid till now. To my favourite Batman actor. May wherever you might be. I hope you are happy in the afterlife.

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