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10 Things Only Mustachioed Men Know To Be True

So much class with that stache. With The Art of Shaving, you'll have the right tools to look your best. You might even be as dashingly handsome as Mortdecai (in theaters Jan. 23).

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1. When it first starts growing, you get a little distracted checking yourself out.

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"Am I still me? Has this face always been my face?"

2. Then some people think they can just reach out and touch it.

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3. Mustache wax may be kinda uncomfortable, but makes it look so much cleaner.

Image Courtesy of Gold-Dachs

4. You'll get tonnnnnns of questions about it.

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"Are you growing it for charity?"
"When will the rest of your beard come in?"
"How does your girlfriend/boyfriend feel about it?"
"Were you tired of not looking kinda creepy?"
"How much food is stuck inside it?"

5. Some foods are just your worst nightmare.

sugar0607 / Via Thinkstock

6. You feel a spiritual connection to some of the animal kingdom.

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7. You look back on your mustacheless days with so much regret.

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"My face looked like a sad boy-child's face."

8. You contemplate the oh so many styles available.

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9. You know about the importance of keeping it regularly brushed...

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10. ...and you feel boldly confident when you do so.

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And when you look that dashing, you can act rather daring — like Mortdecaiin theaters Jan. 23.

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