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The 10 Most Horrifying Apparitions In Film

Regardless of whether you believe in ghosts, there's no way you'd ever want to run into any of these terrifying apparitions. Check out some of the most frightening ghosts in film, and then get ready to get freaked out again in The Apparition, See it in theaters now.

10. The twins in "The Shining"

9. EVERYTHING in "Poltergeist"

8. The Candyman in "Candyman"

7. The ghostly orphans in "The Devil's Backbone"

6. The former patient in "Session 9"

5. Samara in "The Ring"

4. Kayako in "The Grudge"

3. Toby in "Paranormal Activity"

2. The children in "The Orphanage"

1. "The Apparition"