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The 10 Most Horrifying Apparitions In Film

Regardless of whether you believe in ghosts, there's no way you'd ever want to run into any of these terrifying apparitions. Check out some of the most frightening ghosts in film, and then get ready to get freaked out again in The Apparition, See it in theaters now.

10. The twins in "The Shining"

Warner Bros / Everett Collection

"Come play with us, Danny." Nope!

9. EVERYTHING in "Poltergeist"

Ronald Grant Archive / Mary Evans / Getty Images

Poltergeist doesn't just feature a single horrific apparition, but dozens of 'em. Like, that thing is literally a spider demon. Are you serious? Can you even decide which of those things is scarier on its own? And TOGETHER??

8. The Candyman in "Candyman"

TriStar Pictures / Everett Collection

What's even more upsetting than seeing a ghost? A charming ghost. The Candyman can work his way into your heart, but he also shoots bees out of his mouth and tends to disembowel people, so it's probably not really worth it.

7. The ghostly orphans in "The Devil's Backbone"

Sony Pictures / Everett Collection

Aside from the fact that there's a pretty effed up ghost haunting an abandoned orphanage, there's a bunch of other *hidden* things that are, you know... unwanted. To say the least.

6. The former patient in "Session 9"

Usa Films / Everett Collection

The apparitions of former mental patients aren't the only thing that's scary here. The cleanup crew is also probably getting asbestos poisoning. So would you rather take that, or murderous ghosts? Or both? Bye!

5. Samara in "The Ring"

Dreamworks / Everett Collection

A suicidal horse on videotape, a messed up girl who casually crawls out of television screens... none of this is okay.

4. Kayako in "The Grudge"

Columbia Pictures / Everett Collection

What's more terrifying than living in a foreign city that you're still trying to get settled in? Having a girl under the power of a supernatural curse follow you around! Probably.

3. Toby in "Paranormal Activity"

Paramount / Everett Collection

What could be worse than an invisible presence that terrifies dogs and babies? Suburbia. Maybe.

2. The children in "The Orphanage"

Picturehouse / Everett Collection

Kids following you around can be stressful enough. Probably the only thing scarier is being HAUNTED by a child. And even scarier than that is being haunted by a vengeful child wearing a burlap sack mask.

1. "The Apparition"


When you're seeing scary shit with your own eyes, it's hard not to believe that it's happening. And if that's how the apparition lives, then things really aren't looking so great. Just try not to think about it.