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The Second Semester Of School, As Told By Taylor Swift GIFs

Just shake it off.

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1. The hope and grand possibilities of the New Year leaves us unprepared for what lies ahead.

2. Returning to classes you started last year, knowing your grades.

Big Machine Records

3. Having to disconnect from social media so you can concentrate.

Big Machine Records

Literally the worst #ugh

4. Staring out a dark classroom window at 4 p.m., waiting for summer.

Big Machine Records

Might as well take a nap, right?

5. Awaiting the unavoidable all-nighters that must be pulled.

Big Machine Records

6. Kiss your social life good-bye!


7. You've gotta prep for that midterm you know everything about...

Big Machine Records

8. Missing that holiday season so bad!

Big Machine Records


9. And just as it nears that point where you think you're just about to crack...

Big Machine Records / Via

10. You know it's time to just tell it like it is.


11. You did this once, you can do it again.

Big Machine Records

12. Just shake off the semester. You got this.

ABC / Big Machine Records

Good luck to all of y'all heading back to school on Monday!

Big Machine Records

*T-swizzle nod of approval*

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