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17 Times Matthew Goode Was Just Too Good

As Good(e) as it gets.

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In case you hadn't heard, this is Matthew Goode.

And he is majestic.

First of all, he stole our hearts in Chasing Liberty alongside Mandy Moore.

Yeah Mandy, we're pretty jealous as hell.

And Leap Year with Amy Adams.

As if you didn't have more reason to want to be her.

But he's also starring alongside Mr. Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game

So here are the 17 other reasons why Matthew Goode is just TOO Good.

1. That time he read a book.

He always knew that smart was the new sexy.

He could read my pages anytime he wanted...

flip... flip... flip... #swoon

2. That time he wore a beanie and looked #flawless.

He wasn't so sure at first, but then was like "Yeah, I do look pretty good in this beanie."

3. That time when you wanted to BE that wine glass.


4. That time when he even made a pen look good.

The sexiest writing utensil of them all.

5. That time he took your picture.

And at that moment you never felt more phenomenal.

6. That time he adorably drank a pint.


7. That time when he made you want to be assigned to seat 16B so much it hurt.

And have him smile at you the entire 7 hour flight...

8. That time he drank tea and everything was right with the world.

And that look... oh damn, that look...

9. That time he made any or all of these faces.

10. That time he answered the phone looking like this.

11. That time he had a beard and looked adorably confused.


OH. DEAR. LORD. *heavy breathing*

13. That time he hung out with Benedict Cumberbatch, Felicity Jones & Eddie Redmayne like it was nobody's business.

14. That time he was awkward and still perfect.

15. That time he seemingly stared directly into your soul.

And you were never the same again.

16. And of course, that time he stole your heart.


17. So Matthew, please continue being oh, so Goode to us.

As if he could ever be any different.

As if he could ever be any different.

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