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    14 Reasons Why Sloan Sabbith From "The Newsroom" Is Too Hot To Handle

    She makes nerds look good, real good.

    Everyone, meet Sloan Sabbith.

    HBO / Via

    She is a smart and totally badass economist who doesn't care about your mortal emotions because she is a goddess of everything amazing.

    If you don't love her now, you will love her in approximately 60 seconds.

    1. She isn't afraid to just go for it.

    HBO / Via
    HBO / Via


    Don & Sloan 5ever

    2. She has legit priorities we can all relate to.

    3. But she won't take your sass.

    HBO / Via

    She ain't got time for that.

    4. And she has plenty of her own.

    Juuuuust plenty.

    Her sass levels are sasstonishing.

    HBO / Via

    5. She knows just how brilliant she is, and isn't afraid to show it.

    6. She's 100% honest.

    HBO / Via

    Bullshit isn't even in her vocabulary.

    7. She will not be belittled.

    HBO / Via


    8. She's delightful.

    HBO / Via

    9. She's modest.

    HBO / Via

    Or blissfully unaware.

    10. She isn't afraid to speak her mind.

    But seriously.

    11. She can be a little inappropriate.

    HBO / Via

    12. But, she's the best at what she does.

    HBO / Via

    And does it lookin' smokin'. Thanks for being amazing, Olivia Munn.

    13. And is a complete badass at everything else.

    HBO / Via

    With impeccable aim & a great right hook.

    14. But most importantly, she's the greatest.

    HBO / Via

    And she knows it.

    We love you, Sloan!

    HBO / Via

    Don't ever change.

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