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This Is Why You Don't Provoke Snakes

Sometimes the safest thing to do is just leave it alone. But in other cases, you'll follow your instincts.

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This video of a man poking an Anaconda with a stick has proved why it's never a good idea to provoke wild animals.

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The video, uploaded by Youtube user Boludoman in 2011, shows a young man in Ecuador stumbling across an Anaconda resting on the riverbank.

After poking the snake with a short stick, it makes a lunge for him and disappears into the river.

And boy does it lunge!

Seriously! Look at the size of that thing!

The video recently gained media attention, and was spread through several news and video sites. It has reportedly been shared more than 10,600 times.

The Green Anaconda is native to most South American countries, with sightings commonly occuring along remote riverbanks.

They can grow up to 6 metres in length, and can weigh up to an astonishing 150kg.

Unlike venomous snakes, the Anaconda kills by constriction; wrapping coils around its prey and slowly tightening its grip until asphyxiation occurs.

In December 2014, Discover Channel aired a nature documentary special titled 'Eaten Alive', which showed wildlife personality Paul Rosolie being devoured by a green anaconda.

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Rosolie stated the purpose of the program was to bring awareness to the environmental degredation of the Amazon, and not for scientific purposes. The show provoked severe backlash among animal rights groups and activists, with many claiming it failed to live up to the proposed stunt.

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