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Meet The New Zealand Equivalent Of Hells Angels

"I'm on a highway to he-Auckland."

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When you think of New Zealand, you may think of things like this:


Or this:

Dunham / Via NYDailyNews

Or even this (I guess):

But you probably wouldn't think of this:

Jono Rotman / Via

The Mighty Mongrel Mob is regarded as one of the worst criminal gangs in New Zealand, having a network of more than 30 chapters across the country.

Formed by outcast European youths in the 1960s, the group quickly rose to power over the 1970s and became more involved in violent criminal activity.

The group has participated in a range of criminal activities, including drug trafficking, extortion, organised assault, and murder.

Last year, two gang members were found guilty of murder in a brawl with rival factions.

Photographer Jono Rotman sat down with members of the infamous group, and produced these portraits.

Since 2007, Rotman has spent time with members of the gang, convincing them to sit for portraits and coming to understand their way of life.

In an interview with Vice, Rotman opened up about the difficulty of getting to know these people and the physicals risks of involving himself with the gang.

These guys do seem pretty intimidating though...

Jono Rotman / Via

Like, Really Intimidating.

Jono Rotman / Via

Imagine getting caught in a dark alley with this guy:

Jono Rotman / Via

Compared to our guys from the Hells Angels Biker Gang:

Hells Angels member Wayne Schneider, charged with obstructing the Australian Crime Commission in 2012

And their American counterparts:

Left to Right: Noah Tedesco, John Saucedo, Stefan Amann, Thomas Holt

Left to Right: Noah Tedesco, John Saucedo, Stefan Amann, Thomas Holt

Yep, the Mighty Mongrel Mob would drop them in seconds.


I mean, even their funerals are pretty intimidating:

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Rotman's work is on display at the City Gallery Wellington until June 14.

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