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Comedy Group Responds To Victorian Anti-Protest Laws

Love and fear mongering Down Under.

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Australian satirical comedy group 'A Rational Fear' has issued a blistering video response to the recent anti-protest laws passed in the Victorian government. The sketch lampoons police powers to issue 'move along' notices and fine disobedient protesters.The original video, posted on their Tumblr, links the Victorian Police Facebook page in the description. "The Victorian Anti protest laws have changed. Thankfully the police have issued this helpful explainer."The laws relate to an expanse in police powers against protesters who block public walkways or access to buildings. Aside from the aforementioned order, exclusion notices and fines of up to $720 can now be issued to disruptive protesters. Further disregard for the exclusion order can result in a maximum penalty of up to two years' jail.Despite fierce public backlash, and the Australian human rights commissioner Tim Wilson labelling the changes as "excessive", the law was passed through the upper house of Victorian parliament on March 11.
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