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27 Times Australian Journalism Was The Realest

Love, fear, loathing, warmongering, bias and print wars in the land Down Under.

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1. When Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit for a year:


Stefanovic said the stunt was meant to make a point about sexism, where women on television were judged for what they wore, while men were not held to the same standards. The suit has since been auctioned for over $10,000.

2. When Q&A was hijacked by student protesters in 2014:

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#qanda quickly turned to #qandanarchy when student protesters interrupted Christopher Pyne on the live program.

The students were campaigning against proposed cuts to education and universities.

3. When The Australian's Media Editor Sharri Markson went 'undercover' at the University of Sydney and UTS:


Markson's 'expose' on the supposed anti-Murdoch bias and left-wing nature of universities garnered amused reactions from prominent journalists on social media.

You can listen to Markson and Devine talk about the findings here.

5. When Rupert Murdoch upset a lot of people with this tweet in December 2014:

AUST gets wake-call with Sydney terror. Only Daily Telegraph caught the bloody outcome at 2.00 am. Congrats.

The tweet had been sent several hours after the Sydney Hostage Crisis, which claimed the lives of three people.

6. When The Daily Telegraph published their 2pm special edition on the Sydney Hostage Crisis:


The issue was criticised for its numerous errors on the role of IS in the attack, and for attempting to profit off the hostage situation.

8. When media moguls James Packer and David Gyngell literally went head-to-head in May 2014:


It is not the first time the pair have traded blows, but The Daily Telegraph reported that the fight broke out over a news van parked outside of Packer's Bondi residence.

9. When Radio Broadcaster Alan Jones said Julia Gillard's father 'Died of Shame' in 2012:

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Jones was recorded uttering the phrase at the President's dinner for the Sydney University Liberal Club. Following public backlash, advertisers pulled funding from Jones' show on 2GB and mass boycotts ensued.

11. When The Chaser aired a skit on the "Make a Realistic Wish Foundation":

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The program was suspended for two weeks amidst public outrage. Managing Director Mark Scott also made a public apology on behalf of the program.

12. When The Hampster Decides photoshopped News Corp Journalist Chris Kenny humping a dog on national televison:


Kenny launched defamation action against the ABC after they refused to apologise for broadcasting the image.

In June 2014 the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) ruled that the sketch had breached the ABC editorial policies.

14. When The 7:30 Report's Leigh Sales hauled Tony Abbott over the coals

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The Prime Minister was interviewed on the program following the defeat of a leadership spill (61-39) in February 2015. Known for her tough interview style, Sales was described as having reduced Abbott to "a blinking mess of nonsense".

15. When Al-Jazeera Journalist Peter Greste tweeted this photo after his release in February 2015:

Free in Cyprus! Feels sweet. Peter back online for first time in 400+ days. Special thanks to Mike 4 nursing twitter

Greste was deported after serving 400 days in an Egyptian prison, having been previously convicted of "spreading false news" and working with the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood.

His other Al-Jazeera colleagues Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed remain in Egypt on a retrail.

16. When the #Tay4Hottest100 campaign went viral:


The campaign, spearheaded by BuzzFeed, aimed to push Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" onto Triple J's Hottest 100 for 2014. It attracted considerable social media attention and resulted in a mass votes on the ABC website.

The song was excluded from the countdown, with the radio program citing the song had never been played at all in 2014.

17. When News Corp Columnist Andrew Bolt was found to have breached section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act in 2011:


Bolt was sued over a series of columns that questioned the Aboriginal identity of nine people, where he suggested they identified as Aboriginals for "political reasons".

In his decision, Justice Bromberg found that the articles were not written in good faith and the people in question were likely to have been "offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated by the imputations conveyed by the newspaper articles".

20. When Mike Carlton resigned from The Sydney Morning Herald over several abusive tweets:


Carlton, then a columnist at the paper, had written an article critical of Israel's actions in Gaza, which had drawn torrents of abuse from readers.

Disciplinary action was taken by executives at Fairfax Media, which sought to suspend him for several weeks after reports of this abuse surfaced in The Australian.

21. When Bolt Comments launched on Twitter:

The Twitter account collates anonymous comments from Andrew Bolt's blog. Needless to say, it publishes some pretty intense stuff.

A similar account for fellow News Corp columnist Piers Ackerman can be found here.

22. When Lateline's Emma Alberici exchanged fire with Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesperson Wassim Doureihi in October 2014:

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Alberici was commended for her handling of the interview, in which the spokesperson repeatedly dodged questions and argued aggressively with the host.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is a radical Islamic organisation that has been branded a hate group for their extreme views.

23. When New Matilda caused Barry Spurr to lose his job in October 2014:


Spurr, then a Professor of Poetry at the University of Sydney, had engaged in a "whimsical game of linguistics" via email with another colleague at the University. The emails, published on New Matilda, contained racist, mysoginistic and homophobic innuendos directed at numerous media figures, including Nelson Mandela and Tony Abbott.

Spurr was suspended from the University after the leaks went public, and eventually resigned after public backlash. New Matilda defended the issue in court.

24. When former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd slipped up on Sunday Night with this:

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"He made a Rudd Dudd."

25. When Tony Abbott shared his thoughts on homosexuality on 60 Minutes in 2010:

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Abbott later defended his statement, saying he did not mean to cause harm to the LGBTI community and he merely attempted to "take people as he finds them."

26. When SBS Presenter Lee Lin Chin slayed it on Twitter:

"Why don't you love me?" - everyman who's ever spoken to me.

Thank god #MardiGras is over. It's the only time of year anyone comes close to competing with my wardrobe.

I'm not sure why I don't have more followers than @karlstefanovic. He's not even half as pretty as me.

I'm not a feminist, I'm a Chinist, everyone equal beneath Lee Lin #ChinsRights #Chinist

27. When Journalists all over the country fought to the death in a public/private-broadcasting bloodbath:

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