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18 Times People Went The Full 'Strayan

You never go the full 'Strayan...mate.

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3. When Damo and Darren accidentally represented every single bogan in existence:

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4. When this Emu just wanted to say "G'day" to this biker:

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5. When this guy necked a beer at the SCG:

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7. When this true blue Aussie was bitten by a Great White, and shook it off by biking home and having breakfast:

Cameron Pearman has chatted to media about his brush with a 2m #shark off Pyramid beach this morning. @abcnewsPerth

BuzzFeed's coverage on the incident can be found here.

11. When Chopper Read had a bit of fun with these reporters:

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12. When this person summed up everyone who was cold in Australia:

15. When this guy downed a schooner in front of cheering onlookers:

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17. When this guy eloquently explained the significance of Anzac Day:

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