World, Meet The Effortless Squirrel Girl

This is too good. Let the photoshops begin!

Redditor AptMoniker just might have the coolest potential sister-in-law ever.

What else is The Effortless Squirrel Girl up to these days? Let’s find out…

SamuraiSmurfette reports a number of sightings.

The other athletes gave their best, but in the end, they stood no chance against The Effortless Squirrel Girl.

Tony might have to bring out the Hawk suit to properly duel The Effortless Squirrel Girl on this one.

The Effortless Squirrel Girl got tired of being a mascot on the sidelines, stepped in, and won the game with a few bounds and a final touchdown.

The Effortless Squirrel Girl didn’t even practice first.

The Effortless Squirrel Girl shows Mario how it’s done.

The Good Doctor invited The Effortless Squirrel Girl to tag along for a spell.

“All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?”

She said, “Take me to The Wire.”

An unknown party captured this tribute to an era past.

Where have you seen The Effortless Squirrel Girl?

Use this handy transparency to get started (and maybe give the tabloids a new breaking story).

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