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59 Tiny Stormtroopers Make Your Day Better

Photographer Stéfan shot a different photo each day between 2009 and 2010, detailing the adventure of two stormtrooper pals, TK479 and TK455. These are my 59 favorite shots.

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You can see the full set on his flickr or blog. All captions and text come via the subtitles for his photos on the flickr, except where noted.

Cards and posters can be bought here and fine art prints may be bought here.

If you enjoy these, be sure to catch his other series, including the similar themed, "52 Weeks With The Fetts."



Flickr: st3f4n

"'By order of the Emperor, I cut off your internet' (aka Hadopi Wars)"

note: This photo was a call to action about a 2009 French parliament vote on a law similar to SOPA. Click the source to read more about it.

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