10 Cats Vs. The World!

Cats might have won the internet war on dogs, but how are they doing against the rest of the world? Honestly, it's looking quite grim right meow...

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1. Cat vs. Mirror

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Cat calls for a tie with Evil Doppelganger Cat. And yet...

Winner: Mirror

2. Cat vs. Fish

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Winner: Fish

3. Cat vs. Fish: The Rematch

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Quite an impressive moment for all of Catkind, considering it was more of a Cat vs. Man/FishingPole/Fish type situation.

Winner: Cat

4. Cat vs. Automatic Feeder

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It was a close round, but a staunch constitution and general lack of functionality eventually left Cat to seek food elsewhere.

Winner: Automatic Feeder

5. Cat vs. Fly

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Winner: Cat. Definitely Cat.

6. Cat vs. Moth: Insect Kingdom Rematch

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And, thanks mostly to a +6 Glass Shield of Defense...

Winner: Moth

7. Cat vs. Washing Machine

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Cat doesn't know how lucky it just got.

Winner: Tie (The One in the Washing Machine)

8. Cat vs. Cat

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Hm. I think Cat just Leveled Up.

Winner: ...Cat?

Intermission. Huddle. Time Out.

Alright, Team Cat. You're not going to win anything if you keep fighting among yourselves. You might be down, but you're not out.

It's time to focus on the real enemy. You all know the one I'm talking about...

9. Cat vs. Bag

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DAH. Cat almost had it, but Bag came in at the end with a definitive headlock. Alas...

Winner: Bag

10. Cat vs. Bag: The Final Match

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For the final round, the Team Cat brought in their closer, the legendary Maru. And while it might look like Bag has Maru in its grip, the reality is far more disturbing. Maru not only defeats Bag, but tunnels through it, wearing Bag like a fashion accessory.


Winner: Maru

Well, that's it folks, the end of the First Kitty Royale.

Tally it up, and even excluding Tie, it's not looking good for Team Cat...

World: 5

Cat: 4

A sad day for all of Catkind, truly.

Things may be grim, but worry not, Team Cat. This is only the first Kitty Royale.

And everyone loves a comeback from an underdo--

Uh. Hm... alright. Let's do this:

Go Team Undercat!

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