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SF's "Bay To Breakers" Event In A Nutshell (Semi-NSFW)

Each year, San Francisco hosts a footrace that runs from one side of the city to the other. Some people wear costumes, while others... well. Don't.

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The Bay to Breakers footrace began in 1912 as an effort to lift spirits following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. This has earned it the title of being the longest consecutively run footrace in the world. Similar to the famous Halloween celebration in San Francisco's Castro district, the event started to get a little out of hand, and alcohol was banned in 2009. Unlike the discontinued Halloween celebration, however, the event continues to run annually, and nudity is not prohibited within the new rules and restrictions. While some take the race seriously, many walk the event in costume, and it is considered one of San Francisco's national treasures.

The photo above was snapped at this year's event and is currently making its way across Facebook. As one user has pointed out on the original Facebook post, in any other situation this would not be something to laugh at. However, here, it appears the child is under parental supervision, and in the process of receiving a rather unfortunate preview of what he himself will look like in some sixty years.

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