7 Atypical Renditions Of The Star Spangled Banner

While the Jimi Hendrix Woodstock rendition of The Star Spangled Banner is likely the most iconic alteration out there, it's certainly not the only one. In honor of the 4th of July, here are seven other unusual renditions of the classic song.

The Angry Luddite • 5 years ago

20 Astounding Gaming Facts From "Did You Know Gaming"

Did You Know Gaming is a relatively new tumblr that provides some rather incredible pieces of gaming trivia, all in an attractive and appropriately themed visual package. Prepare to have your mind blown into tiny 8-bit pixels.

The Angry Luddite • 6 years ago

Katy Perry Goes Makeup-Free In This Clip From "Part Of Me"

On July 2nd, Katy Perry is getting the movie treatment with Part of Me. In this clip, we get a rare glimpse of Perry rocking the natural look.

The Angry Luddite • 6 years ago