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Pundit Alex Jones Calls The Trayvon Martin Case a "Hoax"

It's not clear if he knows the meaning of the word "hoax". This is simply more verbal diarrhea from another pundit intent on drumming up the kind of outrage that their demographic can get behind.

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Alex Jones is a talk show host, and a self proclaimed libertarian. His YouTube channel touts him as, "a prominent figure of the 9/11 Truth Movement." He runs two websites: and

Note that in the video, he references the Drudge Report as his primary source.

Some choice quotes:

"Well, the Trayvon Martin case, that's been promoted by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, others, has completely collapsed - and appears to be a hoax."

"It looks like Mr. Zimmerman followed him, and that was his only mistake."

"Why is it always okay to call white people names?"

"[...]tens of thousands of people - in Orlando, in Dallas, in Chicago, in New York - come out and protest in basically a, 'Hate White People Event.'"

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