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Is This Concept Art From The Canned Avengers Game?

"The Avengers" almost had a video game - and it actually might have been good. Behold this concept art and Pre-Alpha footage from a game that never was.

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It's a pretty sure bet that any video game based on a film is probably going to suck. Licensed titles typically have a lot going against them, from having to work within the relative confines of the film's cannon, to the fact that much of the budget is often spent on the licensing itself.

Every now and then you'll get a title that manages to burst through these shackles, but such games are about as rare as Pokémon's Mewtwo. Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 managed not only to be a good licensed title, but also became one of the most acclaimed video games of all time. While no one expects that level of quality from most licensed titles, the prospect of a decent game remains alluring.

Well, it looks like this Avengers game had a chance at being a decent title. Sadly, it was canceled. In September of 2011, this Pre-Alpha release was leaked, revealing a promising title:

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The game was reportedly being developed by THQ's Australian studio, but both the game and studio were shuttered due to internal financial difficulties. It's unfortunate, too, as the footage represents a promising co-op experience, complete with the opportunity to lay down a first-person Hulk Smash - which is a compelling argument for any game.

Today, a reddit post with this concept art surfaced. The OP linked to the canceled Avengers footage, suggesting this was concept art from that game, and the two seem to match up to some degree.


Although Kotaku recently reported that there might be an Avengers game still on the way, it seems likely that the THQ game remains in the ground. Alas.

For those interested, you can see more of the artist's work here.

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