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    Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Heroes Wear Prada

    Who saw this one coming? Fashion magazine Arena Homme+ brings you members of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 cast dressed in Prada. / Via http://ArenaHomme+
    Via / Via http://ArenaHomme+
    Via / Via http://ArenaHomme+
    Via / Via http://ArenaHomme+

    Although the majority of critical reception wasn't terrible, Final Fantasy XIII was widely reviled by consumers, and stood as a disappointment to many long time fans of the series - largely due to the shockingly linear gameplay experience. The direct sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2, looked to fix this issue, but seemed to be received by many as, "too little, too late."

    According to Venture Beat, these images were created by Square Enix’s Visual Works studio in Japan for the April 12th issue of the fashion magazine, Arena Homme+, and will be part of a 12-page feature.

    As these outfits are from the Prada Spring 2012 menswear collection, it's a fairly interesting choice to outfit the Final Fantasy XIII heroine, Lightning, in one as well.

    Either way, this stands as an interesting and rather unexpected foray into the world of material fashion, by both Square Enix and Arena Homme+ magazine.