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Are You Getting Diablo III? BuzzFeed, Let's Play Together

Diablo III finally releases on May 15th - what better way to experience the co-operative play than with your fellow BuzzFeeders? Note: Rhetorical.

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Hey BuzzFeed. How's it going.

I'm not sure how many of you are PC gamers, but I'm willing to bet there's at least a few of you. Now, I know Diablo III comes with a fair amount of expectation and baggage to address. There's been skepticism regarding the complete revamping of the skill and leveling system, as well as concerns about the art style direction. Not only that, the game requires you to always be online and logged in to play, like an MMO. Some fans of the original games might be concerned that the game has been compromised by Blizzard's extensive work on World of Warcraft, as well as by the fact that the in-game auction house can utilize real money. Hell, as seemingly one of the few PC gamers that wasn't hooked by Torchlight, I have held some doubts as to whether Diablo III will be able to captivate me as the first two once did - and it seems I'm not alone.The point is this: It's been 12 years since the venerable Diablo II, and that means a lot to live up to.

And yet, you can't ignore the fact that Diablo III is a titan of a release, already becoming Amazon's most pre-ordered PC game of all time, and generally getting a lot of folks (including myself) rather excited, regardless of the controversy or concerns. I've got the game loaded and ready to go. All that's needed now is a robust friend's list to enjoy the game's co-op play with, come release this Tuesday.

Call this an experiment.

Sure - this may pass completely unnoticed, without even one BuzzFeeder joining in - but I'm hoping otherwise.

Diablo III features co-op that can include up to 4 players at a time, and utilizes the BattleTag system. The BattleTag is a new method that Blizzard is using to manage your friends list with Diablo III, that should be safe to share publicly. It appears as a user name followed by a pound sign and number. Once Diablo III launches, you can then add folks in the game with this identifier, giving you a better chance to take advantage of the game's co-op play.

So - here's what I propose we do:

1) Paste your BattleTag in the comments below,

2) Bookmark this post, and come back to it once the game launches on Tuesday

3) Add your fellow BuzzFeeders that have also posted their game tag

4) Have a wonderful happy time slaughtering demons and such whilst getting to know your fellow Buzzers outside the comment section

Here is mine: AngryLuddite#1869

Ready to play with other Buzzers? Add your own BattleTags in the comments below!


Add your BattleTag in the comments below and enjoy some Diablo III multiplayer upon release with your fellow BuzzFeeders!

Update: Diablo III is out! BattleTags, Buzzers!

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