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    5 Quirky Kickstarter Projects With Less Than 24 Hours To Go

    These are not your gaming blockbuster Kickstarter projects. However, that shouldn't keep you from hopping in on these at the last moment.

    While the Tim Schafer Kickstarter saw an onslaught of new projects eager to emulate Double Fine's unusual level of success, Kickstarter has been around for a fair while prior, and there are plenty of smaller projects now getting lost in the fray.

    Here are five quirky projects with less than a day to go. Each has already been fully financed, but can still be backed for a slice of what is being offered.

    Let's call this the 'April' edition.

    1. Humans vs. Zombies Documentary

    2. Silber Mini-Comics Collection

    3. Random Dungeon Generator as a Dungeon Map

    4. PHX Desk Organizer

    5. Shakespeare Iraq

    As with any explosion of popularity, many in the gaming community in particular are starting to see Kickstarter as a passing fad, and are already beginning to sicken of any mention.

    That said, I think Kickstarter is worth more than the scorn of a dying fad. It's been around for a while, and hopefully the people that are interested in helping unique and interesting projects come to fruition, stick around.

    Whether you love Kickstarter or already are sick of it, you've got to admit - it's an interesting platform, and has the capability of making some unusual things a reality.