40 Really Bad Watercolor Interpretations Of Photos On Reddit

Redditor Shitty_Watercolour has, for the past two months, been making watercolors of photos and threads on reddit. Though, with all that practice, they might just be outliving their username.

One of the best things about reddit is how brilliance tends to float to the surface (like little balls of wonder propelled by cats). Every now and then you get your local reddit rockstars, often sporting the guise of ‘novelty accounts.’ For the uninitiated, a novelty account typically involves a descriptive username, and responses relevant to that username.

If you’ve been on reddit during the past two months, you’ve probably seen the work of redditor Shitty_Watercolour. Post something good, and chances are you’ll get a shitty watercolour* in your thread. Except, over the course of Shitty_Watercolour’s redditeer**, they’ve gotten markedly better.

* Or “watercolor,” for those of us in the US
** Like career, but with reddit in front… no?

Today, Shitty_Watercolour posted this photo to commemorate the journey thus far:

It didn’t take long for this to make the very top of the reddit front page (and rightfully so).

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look back at some of Shitty’s watercolours, along with their originals.

An old picture of the Notre Dame cathedral being bombed

Fashion Week is Here!

Not a care in the world

Kitty. That is all.

Can you believe no one wanted her?

I’m gonna miss Fall…

This guy is walking thousands of miles across Australia wearing…

I’m the greatest.

Geneva, Switzerland - Junction of two rivers.

Oh sweet Jesus…

Hey Reddit, can anyone please photoshop the fat bald guy out for me?? THANKS!

A fire fighter after saving a puppy from a burning building

That, my friend, is one happy tower

I heard reddit like cats, I raise you a corgi.

She had just been operated on but her brother looked after her all night.

possibly the most awesome bungy jumping pic ever, starring: my brother

So I started learning Photoshop today…

Easter in the Army

My friend’s cat loves squeezing into odd places. This time he tried the bookshelf.

Genovese and her spring catnip

This is how my friend’s cat react to my dog

Just checked Karmadecay and all systems are go for: Johnny Cash with a Kitten!

This is Waffles…

I just couldn’t think of any other way

I’m 7 foot. For Halloween I went as a normal guy on stilts.

I used to have some really awesome glasses

40th birthday. Going through a divorce. Moved in with my parents. Cheers!

The derp is strong with this cat

My Girlfriend made this for me. Combines two of my favorite things.

my class recently got a new foreign exchange student…

Meet Klaude, a very fluffy dog on a very windy day.

Words can not describe how much I love this pic of Obama and Clinton

You can see more of Shitty_Watercolour’s work at their tumblr here, and (if you are feeling generous and really dig their work), can donate to the charity of their choice here. You should probably also check out this brilliant novelty battle thread, between Shitty_Watercolour and RedditNoir. It might just be borderline genius.

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