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12 Very Sad Kittens That Never Quite Became A Meme

You've got your Lawyer Dogs and your Ridiculously Photogenic Guys, but what about the almost-memes? Internet, meet Sad Kitten.

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Ah. Memes.

A few years ago, most people probably had no idea how to pronounce the word.* Now, you can hardly go a day** on the internet without seeing at least one. Internet memes have taken a lot of forms, from the beloved demotivational posters that slowly trickled onto Google Image Search from 4chan, to the now (arguably) most popular form; an image with a bit of text superimposed at the top and bottom of the picture.

When this type of meme becomes popular, it often ends up being spun across the internet for years, until you've seen Success Kid and Scumbag Steve so many times on Facebook and everywhere else, you're starting to think in memes. Aced your test or got a promotion while hungover? Success Kid Fist. Roommate uses all the toilet paper and asks you to buy more (for the fifth time in a row)? Hop onto reddit and Scumbag Steve their deeds into internet fame.

But what about those that don't exactly complete the journey to memehood? Well...

If you go on quickmeme, you'll note that the most popular memes have thousands of entries created on that site alone. Success Kid, for example, has over one hundred thousand entries and counting.

Internet, meet Sad Kitten. It has 73.

* "You mean like the month, right?"
** Make that 'page' if you go on reddit and are liberal with your subs.

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