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10 Amazing Images From A 1/6th Scale WWII Era Town

As incredible as the photos are, the story behind them is even that much more so.

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Although the documentary was released in 2010, and has received rave critical reception (with a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes), Marwencol deserves more than passing notice.

Recently, the heartbreaking story of Evie, the transgender Indonesian woman who looked after a young Barack Obama emerged. Her story details a life of physical and verbal abuse due to who she is. It is a truly distressing portrait, and highlights a marginalized and oft ridiculed sexual identity.

The thing is, this contempt and ridicule is not isolated to Indonesia - not even close. It also holds firm roots in the United States.

Mark Hogancamp, while perhaps not technically transgender, was beaten nearly to death on April 8, 2000 by a group of five men, after admitting at a bar that he enjoyed wearing women's clothing. He was left in a coma and suffered irreversible brain trauma, losing a large portion of his memory.

Marwencol, a fictional WWII era town that he built in his back yard at a one-sixth scale, is the therapy he turned to, and the results as well as his story are something that deserve notice.

These are just a few images from his website, which he continues to update to this day. Each comes with a fragment of story that Mark has written, which will be provided beneath the image in quotes.

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