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10 YouTubers You Should Get To Know

What have you been doing with your life? There is an entire slew of internet personalities you should be clawing at like you did at an N'Sync concert in the 90's.

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1. Daily Grace

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If you haven't heard of Grace Helbig yet that's a damn shame. She posts a video 5 days a week and according to the day there is a theme. When she isn't teaching you how to poop in public or make your very own batch of crispy meats, she's sharing her mother with the World. She is a treat guys, a hilarious treat.

2. Mamrie Hart

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This gal is the host of You Deserve A Drink, a show where she makes a sassy cocktail for a celebrity, or YouTuber, who she thinks deserves a drink. She's punny, a red head, embraces the gap in her teeth, and flaunts what the good lord gave her. Can I get an amen!

3. Tyler Oakley

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This adorable sprite hails from Michigan, landed briefly in San Fran, and is now living the dream in LA. He has hair that would make a Ken doll jealous and can throw shade better than a pitcher at a drag queen baseball game.

4. Chris Fleming

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aka Gayle Waters-Waters. I almost kept this precious gem to myself because I like to get hipster and greedy with some aspects of my life, OK!? Watch all of the episodes, learn them and love them.

5. Hannah Hart

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Hostess of My Drunk Kitchen. She integrates hilarious puns and drinking. Count me in! I would like to name her the "Ellen of Youtube" because not only does she use her humor for cooking, but she uses it for good. She just completed a country wide tour of food banks and helping people. Remember that? Helping people.

6. Matt Clarke & David Milchard

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I know this has been around the internet a few times, but have you actually taken the time to stop and watch Conversations With My 2 Year Old? Nothing better/creepier than a grown man in a barrette and fairy wings.

7. Mitchell Davis

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Or Live Lava Live as his YouTube name suggests. He is so precious and funny it's like an electronic school yard crush. If you feel like smiling go explore his page. Or don't, be miserable.

8. Epic Meal Time

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9. Miranda Sings

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She is the self absorbed and narcissistic alter ego of Colleen Ballinger. I will admit it took me a minute to get on board with her, but I'm glad I did. Watch a few of her videos and tell me you don't hear her voice in your head for hours afterwards. Please tell me it's not just me.

10. The Fine Bros

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These gentlemen are the masterminds behind Elders React, Teens React, Kids React, and YouTuber's React videos. It makes my heart smile to hear the responses of some of the younger generation. All hope might not be completely dead!

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