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These Two Words Could Get Your Cat Into Harvard

Ivy League admission could be easier for Mittens than you thought!

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Who knew that saying "father" instead of "dad" could mean the difference between a Harvard acceptance and a Stanford acceptance, respectively? Last week, to the glee of Big Data nerds everywhere, the undergraduate essay-sharing platform Admitsee, released a quantitative analysis of essay content that got students into top schools. It turns out that Harvard is a big fan of students who call their parents "mother" and "father." The Ivy League institution is also a sucker for word like "success," "opportunity" and "society."

Now, the world of college journalism is aflame with the question: are these words the "open sesame" of elite admission? Will including these words in your essay increase your chances of acceptance? Without the legacy status or background of other applicants, the cat in this video -- who uses the words "mother" and "opportunity" in his response to Common App prompt #5 -- is the perfect candidate for a controlled study. So, what do you think? Will he bleed crimson?

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