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Here Are 17 Sex-Positive Comics Because You Deserve A Naughty Giggle

I've heard of lowbrow humor, but #15 is on a whole new level.

1. Optimism is key.

a woman stranded on a deserted island with only a box of wine and vibrators to keep her company
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

2. The sexiest of constellations.

a couple running away together because the stars are telling them to get nasty
The__Reddot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

3. It's always "Where is your sentient butt plug?" never "How's your sentient butt plug?"

an anthropomorphized butt plug complaining that it's claustrophobic and the bible being bitter and saying "at least she uses you"
The__Reddot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

4. The French have such a beautiful language.

death describing that an orgasm in french is called la petite mort and death's date asks how petite in response thinking he's talking about his dick
The__Reddot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

5. That is a really nice mustache.

a man asking a woman if she'd like a ride on his mustache and it turns out it's actually a mustache-shaped carnival ride that she's riding
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

6. It's a sensitive subject...

A maid asking the Princess from The Princess and the Pea if she slept good knowing there's a pea under her mattress and the princess responds she didn't feel anything, prompting the prince she was sleeping with to be offended
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

7. A truly magical experience.

a magician conjuring a rabbit from her top hat but accidentally conjuring her rabbit vibrator
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

8. "What are you doing, step-Spanish Inquisition?"

a girl checking out the butt of someone who's bent over and they turn and it's the spanish inquisition saying "no one excepts the spanish inquisition"
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

9. New ride? Nice.

a witch with a new broom that has some sensual prods to keep things interesting while flying
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

10. Elves deserve to have a break too.

a pole dancer entertaining some elves at the North Pole but her lips get stuck to the pole and not the lips on her face
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

11. There's nothing to be ashamed about!

a woman feeling embarrassed about squirting during intercourse but it's revealed that one of them is a merman and the woman is an octopus person and her squirting was her letting out a jet of ink
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

12. It's a tough job.

a bored man thinks his partner is about to blow him but she's really preparing to clean the baseboards of their home
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

13. Found 'em!

Where's Waldo and Carmen Sandiego in bed with her asking Waldo where he's been her whole life
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

14. Time to dust off those skeletons in the closet.

a girl looking through her closet which has actual skeletons in it that says things like "also attracted to women" and "enjoys pineapple on pizza"
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

15. Are these comics too lowbrow?

a person showing off her lowbrow condition where her eyebrows gross on her lower back
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

16. Don't kill the mood.

Frankenstein's monster saying "you saying it's alive over and over is a mood killer" to his creator
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

17. And lastly, he's definitely rock hard.

A woman saying she went on a date and that her date was rock hard and then she takes off her hair towel to reveal that she's medusa and turned her date into stone
The__RedDot / Via Instagram: @the__reddot

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