10 Things You Might Have Not Known About Chase & Status

With their rise through the UK charts, we look back at the some of the lesser known facts about Chase & Status.

1. Chase (Saul Milton) & Status (Will Kennard) Met At University Of Manchester

Chase was studying English & Humanities, whilst Status was completing a degree in History Of Arts.

2. Status Left Chase

Will quit his degree to concentrate on music, whilst Saul opted to stay and do both, but both members still lived in the city with one another.

3. They Didn’t Plan To Be A Band

Despite begin collaborative DJ’s, it was actually their manager that suggested they included a drummer and MC. MC Rage was a close friend to the band and Andy Gagadeen (Drummer) was a session musician known for his work with The Bays and Duran Duran.

4. MTA Records Is More Than Alot

Chase & Status started their own label ‘More Than Alot Records’ (MTA Records), where many of their guest features (Moko, Louis M^ttrs, Nero) are signed too.

5. Chase’s Music Taste Was Inspired At A Jewish Party

After a family occasion, a DJ begun playing ‘Jungle’ music and it was from then that Chase begun fusing electronic with his guitar riffs.

6. ‘Brand New Machine’ Will Mark Their Largest UK Performance

Their O2 Arena performance will mark their largest UK headline show to date.

7. Creative Collaborations

In support of their tour, they’re working with JD Sports and New Balance to give away studio masterclasses and gig tickets.

8. 10 Years Of Chase & Status

This year marks the tenth year since the formation of the iconic electronic duo, with ‘Pieces’ being their first hit.

9. First Performance in India

The duo will play the multi-genre Barcadi NH7 Weekender, as they mark their first date in India.

10. ‘Brand New Machine’ Makes It 2 out of 3

This album marks the band’s second appearance at #2 in the official UK Album Charts.

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