Animals More Ambitious Than You

These animals are doing things with your day. Did I just see you click “continue to next episode” on Netflix?

1. This elephant that painted a beautiful self-portrait

This elephant is more artistically inclined than my middle school art teacher.

2. This dog doing his calisthenics

He’s got better glutes than I ever will.

3. This cat winning at the game no human can.

It’s all that agility. He learned it in his 4th life.

4. This master double-dutcher

Let’s not kid, tripping and face planting is inevitable for you.

5. This cat seizing the day, and his maestro sidekick

My sidekick tells me when the thai food is at the door.

6. These owls showing everyone how twerking is done

No, they are not dancing to that selfie song.

7. This midnight snacker

The amount of motivation he has to get that food far surpasses my “Order Again” click on Seamless.

8. The Carmelo Anthony of sea creatures

You tried doing that with your bodega sandwich wrapper once; it did not make the trash can.

9. This cat showing everyone that you CAN say no

Follow your bliss, and friendzone where needed. Thank you, wise hairless cat.

10. The next American Olympic skiing medalist

He learned the skiing trick early on: “french fries to go, pizza to stop”.
Your rationale: pizza to go, and why not, fries too.

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