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Petition To Officially Ban "Single Ladies" At All Weddings

Playing "Single Ladies" at your wedding is literally the rudest and most basic thing you could do.

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Everyone insists on playing it for *~single~* people at the wedding

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Like we didn't already know. Also, why are we calling attention to this? Believe it or not, most of us DGAF til your DJ makes some annoying announcement about getting ~single people~ on the dance floor.

We don't care about your flower toss

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Why do people still do this? And why are we playing "Single Ladies" during this "tradition"?! Not only are you wasting money on flowers, but then you TOSS THEM AWAY. This still doesn't add up for me.

The interpretation of this song at weddings is ALL wrong, IMO

atrl / Via

It's like you're saying, "HAHA! YOU'RE ALL STILL SINGLE, BITCHES! SUCKS TO SUCK! Now, please stand in a line and let me toss this bouquet at your faces and watch you crawl at my feet to see who MIGHT be as lucky as me to be NEXT to not be #FOREVERALONE"!

And if you're going to do the flower toss or point out peoples' single-ness...there are BETTER OPTIONS

Fanpop / Via

Why aren't we playing "Independent Women" during this time? Or maybe "Run The World (Girls)" or even "***Flawless"?! The options for better songs are endless.

Speaking of gender-specific song titles...why is it ONLY the single women being called out here?

Hitfix / Via

Yet again another example where women are shamed for not having a partner and it being seen by society as "pathetic" or "sad." Meanwhile the men just chill and sip their cocktails like it's NBD. P.S. pretty sure Queen Bey does NOT support this kind of message (especially at a WEDDING).

So please, from one "Single Lady" to all you ~engaged people~ planning weddings

Oyster / Via

DON'T play "Single Ladies" anymore. You are better than "Single Ladies," and your guests deserve more. Amp up that creativity and make me come alive on the dance flo'.

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