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    Updated on Nov 1, 2019. Posted on Oct 26, 2019

    29 Gifts Only The Truest "Friends" Fans Will Completely Appreciate

    Could these gifts BE any better?

    1. "How You Doin?" Doormat

    Etsy / Via

    Welcome friends into the apartment in style. Get it here.

    2. Crap Bag Tote

    Red Bubble / Via

    Get them a bag for all their crap. Get it here.

    3. "I’ll Be There For You" Book

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Remind them you'll be there for them with this book. Get it here.

    4. Central Perk Mini Backpack

    Hot Topic / Via

    For all their adventures to Central Perk. Get it here.

    5. Holiday Armadillo Clock

    Red Bubble / Via

    Santa's half-Jewish friend! Get it here.

    6. "You Threw My Sandwich Away" Lunch Bag

    Cafe Press / Via

    Make sure no one touches their food with this lunch bag. Get it here.

    7. Friends Tea Towels

    Pottery Barn / Via

    "Custard, good! Jam, good! Meat, good!" - Joey. Get it here.

    8. Chandler Bing Celebrity Prayer Candle

    Etsy / Via

    This candle is a hoot. Get it here.

    9. Joey Tribbiani Sequin Pillow

    Etsy / Via

    It's that weird eye contact thing. Get it here.

    10. Central Perk Fanny Pack

    Hot Topic / Via

    Bring the fanny pack back. Get it here.

    11. Central Perk Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

    Amazon / Via

    Give the gift of a cup of brew from Central Perk. Get it here.

    12. The One With The Colored Pencils

    Pop Colors / Via

    For the notepad by the phone. Get it here.

    13. Friends Hanging Photo Display

    Etsy / Via

    Isn't this just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?! Get it here.

    14. Friends Quilt Blanket

    Bedding Lovers / Via

    "I KNOW" they'll love this quilt. Get it here.

    15. Central Perk Apron

    Etsy / Via

    Pull a Monica in the kitchen with this apron. Get it here.

    16. Friends Magnets

    Etsy / Via

    Tell your bestie you're stuck on them like these magnets. Get it here.

    17. "How You Doin'" Pint Glass

    Hot Topic / Via

    Cheers! Get it here.

    18. Central Perk Crew Sock

    Target / Via

    These will knock their socks off. Get it here.

    19. Friends Poster

    Etsy / Via

    To spruce up your friend's place. Get it here.

    20. Friends Frame Ornament

    Etsy / Via

    A decoration for if they spend Christmas in Tulsa. Get it here.

    21. "I'll Be There For You" Natural Stone Coasters

    Etsy / Via

    For the Monica's of the world. Get it here.

    22. Alex and Ani Friends Bangle

    Dillards / Via

    Become bracelet buddies like Chandler and Joey. Get it here.

    23. "They Don't Know That We Know" Mug

    Etsy / Via

    The messers become the messies with this mug. Get it here.

    24. Friends Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    Asos / Via

    Oversized like Joey's Thanksgiving Pants. Get it here.

    25. Central Perk Crossbody Bag

    Box Lunch / Via

    OHHHH MYYYY GODDDD — this bag is perfect. Get it here.

    26. Friends Apartment Floor Plan Print

    Etsy / Via

    For in case they get lost. Get it here.

    27. The One With All the Cards

    Amazon / Via

    The one where they play Cards Against Humanity. Get it here.

    28. "They Don't Know That We Know" T-Shirt

    Etsy / Via

    Oh, but WE KNOW you should get this for them. Get it here.

    29. "I'll Be There For You" Throw Pillow

    Red Bubble / Via

    Just a friendly reminder. Get it here.

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