29 Gifts Only The Truest "Friends" Fans Will Completely Appreciate

    Could these gifts BE any better?

    1. "How You Doin?" Doormat

    2. Crap Bag Tote

    3. "I’ll Be There For You" Book

    4. Central Perk Mini Backpack

    5. Holiday Armadillo Clock

    6. "You Threw My Sandwich Away" Lunch Bag

    7. Friends Tea Towels

    8. Chandler Bing Celebrity Prayer Candle

    9. Joey Tribbiani Sequin Pillow

    10. Central Perk Fanny Pack

    11. Central Perk Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

    12. The One With The Colored Pencils

    13. Friends Hanging Photo Display

    14. Friends Quilt Blanket

    15. Central Perk Apron

    16. Friends Magnets

    17. "How You Doin'" Pint Glass

    18. Central Perk Crew Sock

    19. Friends Poster

    20. Friends Frame Ornament

    21. "I'll Be There For You" Natural Stone Coasters

    22. Alex and Ani Friends Bangle

    23. "They Don't Know That We Know" Mug

    24. Friends Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    25. Central Perk Crossbody Bag

    26. Friends Apartment Floor Plan Print

    27. The One With All the Cards

    28. "They Don't Know That We Know" T-Shirt

    29. "I'll Be There For You" Throw Pillow