The 27 Times "Harry Potter" Was An Accurate Representation Of College Life

    *waits patiently for our Hogwarts acceptance letter*

    1. When the teacher says "pop quiz" and you haven't even looked at the reading.

    2. When you’re scrambling to sign up for the best classes with your favorite professors before everyone else.

    3. When the teacher asks the class a question and waits for someone to answer.

    4. What life is like when you have "syllabus week".

    5. When you pretend to be extremely busy after you've been caught looking at someone else's paper.

    6. When you’re late for class as a freshman and have to walk past everyone:

    7. Versus when you're late to class again as a senior:

    8. When the professor asks you something that wasn't covered in the reading.

    9. Sitting down to do a paper worth half of your grade the night before it’s due.

    10. When your parents ask how your classes are going:

    11. When your roommate eats the food you’ve been thinking about all day and says they didn't.

    12. When you see your friends again after a long holiday break.

    13. When it's the first day of school and you already know who's going to ruin the curve.

    14. The moment of dread before the teacher hands back your test.

    15. And surprisingly, you got a good grade on it even though you didn't study.

    16. When people are partying in the dorm room next to you and you have an 8am class.

    17. What it feels like when you try to balance academics and a social life all at the same time.

    18. When you see your crush at a party and they have no idea you exist.

    19. When all your friends have finished their finals and you've still got one left.

    20. When you want to go out but you have so much work to do.

    21. But you end up going out anyway.

    22. And debate your entire existence in class the next morning.

    23. When you contemplate dropping out of college because of how much work there is.

    24. But you find out you passed and you're going to graduate.

    25. And your parents aren't going to kill you after all.

    26. Then you start to feel like an adult...

    27. And you realize college wasn't so bad after all.