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    19 Places That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

    Proof that Mother Nature is a MILF.

    1. 📍Levin Iglut - Lappi, Finland

    Instagram / Via

    Let the Northern Lights guide you to this spectacular spot in Finland.

    2. 📍Moraine Lake - Alberta, Canada

    Instagram / Via

    *cue ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low*

    3. 📍Delicate Arch - Moab, Utah

    Instagram / Via

    Paradise doesn't need to be tropical.

    4. 📍Mount Fuji - Honshu, Japan

    Instagram / Via

    Heaven on earth does exist.

    5. 📍Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

    Instagram / Via

    Take a hike -- to Tongariro.

    6. 📍The Flower Fields - Carlsbad, California

    Instagram / Via

    This flower field is just dandy.

    7. 📍Koza Cave Hotel - Cappadocia, Turkey

    Instagram / Via

    Be blown away by these hot air balloons in Turkey.

    8. 📍Neuschwanstein Castle - Bavaria, Germany

    Instagram / Via

    This castle in Germany was made for royalty.

    9. 📍Quartier Petit Champlain - Quebec City, Canada

    Instagram / Via

    There's just something about the quaint beauty of Quebec City.

    10. 📍Great Sphinx of Giza - Al Giza Desert, Egypt

    Instagram / Via

    This is no pyramid scheme, you will love Egypt.

    11. 📍Glowworm Caves - Waitomo, New Zealand

    Instagram / Via

    Talk about a glow up in New Zealand.

    12. 📍Rhododendron-Park - Bremen, Germany

    Instagram / Via

    Take a little time to reflect in Germany.

    13. 📍Lake Merritt - Oakland, California

    Instagram / Via

    Lake it, love it, you'll want some more of it.

    14. 📍Terme di Saturnia - Tuscany, Italy

    Instagram / Via

    A thermal wonderland in Tuscany.

    15. 📍Train Ride - Ella, Sri Lanka

    Instagram / Via

    Feel good natured in Sri Lanka.

    16. 📍Golden Bridge - De Nang, Vietnam

    Instagram / Via

    This spot is hands down a must-see.

    17. 📍Koko Head - Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi

    Instagram / Via

    A L 🍍H A, Hawaii 👋

    18. 📍Oía - Kikladhes, Greece

    Instagram / Via

    Greece is a muse.

    19. 📍Burj Khalifa - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Instagram / Via

    Feel on top of the world in Dubai.

    Yes, these places really do exist! Pack your bags now!

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