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    19 Boho-Chic Decor Items For Under $50 That You Need In Your Life

    Add some boho flair to your lair.

    1. Nothing is more boho than this macrame wall hang

    2. These open weave zigzag baskets are as functional as they are fashionable

    3. Make your place feel a little more worldly with this Monaco vintage rug

    4. Let the sunshine in (or not) with these chic lace curtains

    5. Burnt orange is in so get your hands on this wall set ASAP

    6. Mix the worlds of modern and vintage with this macrame fringe mirror

    7. Boost your mood with this Himalayan salt crystal lamp

    8. Get comfy with these padded straw seat cushions

    9. Give this whimsical fringe tapestry a try

    10. Incense burners are a boho basic

    11. Bring a touch of color and comfort to your space with these shag throw pillows

    12. Add some extra layers of comfort, style, and eclectic energy with these knit floor pillows

    13. Find the bright side of any situation with these copper string lights

    14. Get in touch with your spiritual side with this terracotta moon dish

    15. Add some color to your nights with this mosaic glass chandelier

    16. Get in touch with your star sign with this zodiac wheel blanket

    17. This moon-phase decor will bring boho energy to any wall it clings to

    18. This metal drink table is the perfect accent piece for any space

    19. And lastly, your guests won't be able to stop staring at this eye wall mirror