10 Shows That Are Just As Wild And Intriguing As "The Ultimatum"

    You'll definitely start feeling the love.

    The Ultimatum is taking reality TV to a new level and I am here for it! Though I made it to the very end, it leaves me wanting more of the same content. So, of course, I gave you some suggestions to try!

    Nick and Vanessa Lachey sitting at the head of a table looking sad

    1. Love Is Blind

    2. Married At First Sight

    A husband and wife dancing at their wedding, looking happy

    3. Love Island

    4. Are You the One?

    5. Back With the Ex

    6. Temptation Island

    7. Too Hot to Handle

    8. Dating Around

    9. FBoy Island

    10. Sexy Beasts

    A girl dressed as a panda