The 25 Stages Of A Hookup

Drink. Do it. Repeat.

1. How the night begins

2. Your first drink

3. Several drinks later

4. You catch someone’s eye

5. If they seem normal…

6. If they don’t…

7. Heading home with them

8. The first kiss

9. Right after the second kiss

10. And so the hookup commences

11. Right after

12. When they ask if you want more

13. And if you’re seeing someone

14. The second you get home

15. When you wake up and remember

16. Really remember

17. When you tell your friends

18. And they support you

19. As you relive the experience

20. You come to terms with yourself

21. But the next time you see them…

22. With someone else

23. It’ll be okay

24. After all…

25. They’ll be other guys.

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