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The 21 Types Of People On Airplanes

It doesn't matter where they're going...they're going to end up sitting next to you.

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21. The Screaming Baby

20. The Apologetic Parents

"This is his first time flying."

19. The Guy In The Window Seat That Constantly Has To Go To The Bathroom

18. The One Reading A Trashy Romance Novel

The airport bookstore overcharged...

17. The One That Just Said Good Bye To Their Lover

Please stop crying...

16. The Fat Guy Who Lifts Up the Armrest

15. The One That Never Stops Eating

Enjoy that $25 dollar sandwich.

14. The Creepy Old Guy That Tries to Talk To You

13. The Kid That Kicks The Back Of Your Seat

12. The One That's Sort Of Famous

But not famous enough to have a private jet...

11. The Honeymooners

10. The One That Keeps Adjusting The Temperature

9. The One That Orders A $10 Alcoholic Drink

8. The One That's Never Flown Before

7. The Sleeper

6. The Girl On The Way To Vegas/Cancun/New York

5. The Businessman

4. The Flight Attendants

3. The Person You Recognize

2. The One With A Connecting Flight

1. You

Obviously The Only Sane Person On The Flight

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