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The 21 Types Of Guys On Every College Campus

You sit next to them in class. You see them at parties. You have no idea what their names are.

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21. The Musician

He majors in Music Performance and plays an instrument. Sometimes.

(Not to be confused with the nerdier Acappella Group Singer.)

20. The Caf Guy

Does he ever leave the caf? Doubtful.

19. The Cool Guy

No idea. He's just so....not dressed for 90 degree weather.

18. The "Artist"

No, we can't.

17. The Business Major

Glad to know you have no real interests.

16. The Health Studies Major

15. The Always Late

14. The Over Excitable Freshman

13. The Guy Who Has Clearly Never Been to the Gym Before


12. The Athlete

No one should be that happy.

11. The Chemistry Major

10. The Stoner

"It's good for you, man."

9. The Dance Major

So You Think You Can Dance is considered a viable career choice.

8. The Never Laid

7. The School Radio DJ

No one listens to 80's Rock anymore.

6. The Library Nerd

He can't possibly have that much to study.

5. The Senior

4. The Transfer Student

But...they're not.

3. That Rich Kid

2. The Frat Guy

1. The Liberal Arts Major

On Behalf of All The Girls...

We Salute You

After all, you're the only guys we've got.

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