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    Posted on May 6, 2013

    27 Reasons Why BuzzFeed Should Take A Chance On Me

    In less ABBA-inspired words: They should allow me into their circle. Or you know...just hire me.

    1. I'm going to college for writing.

    Okay I get it. That doesn't mean anything. Especially since I am a Television and Broadcast Journalism Major.

    Moving on.

    2. I am not this guy...

    I'm persistent. I never give up. [Insert other clichés]. Rest assured, I would never throw an expensive macbook on the ground or on any surface whatsoever.

    3. Also, I'm actually a girl.


    4. But regardless, I never say this...

    5. Cause I have something...all the time.

    6. My life and my experiences are my inspirations.

    7. And people (strangely) seem to be able to relate...

    8. Who knew hundreds of thousands of people could relate to a college sophomore from FL?

    9. Sure...I'm not perfect.

    10. But this is how I would love to spend every night...

    11. Although I seem to already do that.

    12. Of course this isn't because...

    Though, that is unfourantly true.

    13. It's because I relish the opportunity to share my experiences with the masses.

    14. Everyone knows about college. They either want to remember it, if they've been, or want desperately to go (or continue going).

    It's an interesting cycle.

    15. And the average BuzzFeed writer is...not in college.

    16. They don't have the valuable insight I am privy to every day.

    17. People don't just want news. They want to see versions of themselves in articles as well.

    18. BuzzFeed currently supplies all kinds of "Rewind" material.

    These articles remind people of 90's TV shows, old movies, and snacks they had as kids.

    19. But shouldn't there be some articles that focus on the things that a grand majority of BuzzFeed's demographic see everyday or desperately wish to remember?

    20. College is one of the most important times in a person's life! Might as well embrace it.

    Okay...this may just be my philosophy.

    21. My name is Austin. Here's a nice photo:

    22. Here's my natural state:

    I clean up nice, right? I can even act normal!

    In fact, I used to be a telemarketer.

    23. They call me the BuzzFeed girl at college.

    All my posts have gotten very popular over the past week.

    24. I also have my own significant social media presence.

    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and now BuzzFeed!

    So...about hiring me as a Freelancer...

    Though someone may say...

    And you may be like...

    I'll understand.

    You may doubt...

    25. But I can assure you that the posts I have made and will make are all based on my reality. None of my stories end like this:

    Or even this...

    26. I'm just a broke college student.

    27. And almost everyone can relate to that...

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