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The 20 Stages Of Discovering You're Not On A Date

We're on a date. Right? If not... we should ask for separate checks.

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1. You show up to meet your date looking your best and immediately see that you're the only one who dressed up for the occasion. / Via

"I guess that means you just feel comfortable around me? That's cool!"

2. You try to do typical "date things" like open the door for them, but your date isn't really obliging.

Oh, OK. Gender equality. I'm all about that...

3. When you get to the date spot, you realize that you're not the only person your "date" invited.

NBCUniversal / The Office / Via

OK, so this is a casual date. That's cool... I can get your friends to like me.

4. Throughout the night, you realize your date isn't paying attention to you exclusively.

Playing hard to get? Two can play at that game!

5. You try to make them jealous by doing the same...

6. ... but it's not really working as you'd hoped.

7. New plan! Impress your date by outperforming the competition.


That's what Darwinism is all about, no?

8. Finally, you get a moment alone with your date. You try to play it cool.

Jenna Marbles / Via

You can do it! Don't come off too strong. Start with some casual conversation.

9. You're working hard to get their attention, but even your best efforts are futile.

10. You try to spice up the conversation with subtle sexy hints. / Via

This will surely let your date know that this night's only getting started...

11. This — of course — backfires.

12. You notice that your date is texting someone else while you're trying to engage in conversation.

NBCUniversal / SNL / Via

Umm hellooooo, do you have an emoji for RUDE?!

13. You call your friends for advice, and they tell you to just go for it, and that you have nothing to lose. / Via

They're right! Your date invited you here, and they told you that they "like" you, and you're 50% sure that means they like you as more than a friend.

14. Nope. Nope. Nope. They definitely meant as a friend.

15. Yikes! It seems we've entered the dreaded...

16. Sh*t! How do you save what's left of your dignity?

17. There's the logical choice...

...that you're obviously not going to take.

18. And there's the terrible choice...

...that naturally you're going to make.

19. After a drink or nine, you make one last futile attempt forcing your not-date to be brutally honest.

NBCUniversal / Chelsea Lately / Via

20. And finally...

But hey! You're not alone! Dating is a series of awkward moments that lead up to finding "the one."

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