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Adrenaline Pumping Water Sports In Bali, For The Adrenaline Junkies

Bali is a living postcard; an Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy. Amongst these are a host of unusual water sports and activities that are sure to capture the imagination of the curious visitor.

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Flyboarding at Nusa Dua / Via

Flyboarding is a remarkable invention which will enable you to soar into the air from the surface of the sea just like a comic book superhero. You will commence your flyboarding experience whilst standing in the upright position, but as you gain experience and skill you will be able to try out stunts like diving into the waters just like a playful dolphin.

Banana Boating / Via

Not exactly a sport per se, but Banana Boating is an activity which is very popular in Tanjung Benoa. The main highlight of this is that without warning the boat towing the Banana Boat will swerve suddenly, causing the Banana Boat to flip over giving the riders a surprise duck in the water. It’s a simple, fun, and exciting activity, and is thus a great way to create some memories while in Bali.

Diving and Snorkelling / Via

The waters of Tanjung Benoa are home to a variety of marine life. Thus, diving into the waters and swimming along these fish is sure to be a great experience. The warm tropical waters of Tanjung Benoa are great for spending hours snorkelling or diving, and the many water sports centres along the area will give you all the information and equipment you need to make your dive truly memorable. When it comes to the gear required for snorkelling, it can be hired from almost any Kuta hotel such as the Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa; you can even request for a guide to take you to some of the best snorkelling spots around the region.

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