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When you’re thinking of going with your girlfriends to a beach getaway, you have to pay close attention to your clubbing looks. This is the formal name for sexy swimsuits. Women usually dress to turn men’s heads, but you know that what you’re looking for is getting your gals’ approval on your sexy beachwear. Sexy bikinis and One Piece Swimsuits will always be on top of the packing list. Then come accessories, jewelry, oils and creams. But think also to bring the right attitude for having fun and enjoying life. To be able to pack with ease, put on some music to get the groove going and discover an easy sexy swimwear guide. Itty bitty sexy bikinis aren’t the last item on your to-do list for a girlfriends’ beach getaway. You have to think which style will make your curves curvier and what colors will send the vibe that you’re ready to party and dance the day and night away. You also want to feel comfortable and have some safe extra options. And with this in mind, check out some ideas below. Sexy swimwear for day looks It’s crazy simple to invest in a few sexy swimsuits for day looks which you can change between themselves to have more outfits. For daytime looks, you can keep it simple, classy, but still show your bubbly personality. You can opt to wear sexy bikinis with Swarovski Crystals for a little "Va Va Voom" or try a glamorous animal print. To get the right sexy beachwear combo which will fit any occasion, you should get a cute animal green bikini. You need a little bit of color for a girl’s escapade. This model will make anybody green with envy.

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Then you can opt for a snake gold bikini to feel glam while sipping cocktails by the beach or the pool.


You should definitely pack a snake silver one piece swimsuit for special occasions, like getting an invite on a boat. This will also get you ready for jumping in the ocean and spiking up the adrenaline.

When the sun sets, you have two options.


You can let your hair down, relaxing with the girls in a classic sexy beachwear combo. Or you can take it one step further and make jaws drop when stepping on the ring. Let the champagne flow!

If you're going for the chill vibe, we recommend you opt for a simple, classic and elegant one piece swimsuit in black. Add a trendy cover-up or even a pair of Daisy dukes and you can drink and dance until sunrise.

If you don't want to add anything extra to your look, but you still want to feel comfortable, covered and ready to shake your tail feather, a camouflage bikini with gold accents is a safe option for you.


To end your trip, if you decide to have an exotic night with the girls, try dressing up with a snake gold one piece swimsuit. You choose if you want to add a transparent dress as cover-up.

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