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    11 Life-Changing Cleaning Tricks

    Who has time to clean? Save time, effort, and even money with these amazing cleaning tips and tricks for your home.

    11. Squeegee Scale Stop / Via HomeSpot HQ

    Prevent mineral scale buildup by squeegeeing sitting water after a shower. If the water doesn't have a chance to evaporate the minerals can't settle.

    10. Boy Bathroom Smell / Via Ask Anna Moseley

    Nobody likes that smell (including boys). But fear not, Anna has formed a concoction of baking soda, lemon juice, and white vinegar that will cure the problem.

    9. Shiny Clean Glass Cooktop / Via postcards from the ridge

    Cooking is messy but Bar Keepers Friend does a great job of picking up after. This product just shows that not all cleaning tricks have to be homemade.

    8. Shower Head Vinegar Soak / Via HomeSpot HQ

    Minerals are going to build up over time in your shower head and disrupt flow. Try soaking the shower head with a bag of vinegar and rubber band over night. It free flow up.

    7. Microwave Steam Cleaning / Via postcards from the ridge

    Like the former tip, cooking food can be very messy. Covering food is the best course of action but, being realistic, not everyone is going to follow the rules. To remove the burned on stains bring a cup of water and lemons to a boil and let it set to steam the surfaces inside the microwave. The mess should wipe right off after.

    6. Drain Clog Prevention

    Simple dump a couple cups of vinegar down the drain once a month to help prevent clogs. If soap scum, hair, and other debris has nothing to grab onto, it should pass on through. *On a side note, don't let hair make it into your drain!

    5. Garbage Disposal On Ice

    Freeze some vinegars, water, and lemon peels into ice cubes and grind them up in your garbage disposal. It will clean out bits of food, sharpen the blades, and leave the sink with a much better smell.

    4. Scrub a Dub Dub

    Why not clean the shower while you're letting the shampoo set in your hair? It's easy, quick, and works wonders for preventing messes later.

    3. Stove Grate Grime / Via The V Spot

    Another kitchen cleaning trick? Yep, cooking messes are widespread and stoves are no exception. Place the stove grates into a baggie with ammonia cleaner and that grim will come right off (well, with some soaking time).

    2. Make Your Washer Clean Itself!

    It does seem weird to have to clean a machine built for washing, but it still needs love. Add a cup of vinegar to each load of laundry to soften clothes and remove grime buildup at the same time.

    1. Keep The Toilet Clean (Much Longer) / Via HomeSpot HQ

    Toilet cleaning is a regular part of cleaning, but how often do you clean the inside of the rim and the siphon jets? If you're like most homeowner, not often. I'll spare you all the details but you basically flush vinegar from your tank into the rim.

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