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Your Relationship With #TGIT As Told By Emojis

100% symbol. Catch #TGIT Thursdays starting at 8/7c on ABC.

1. When the surgery music starts to play on Grey's.

2. When sworn enemies team up on Scandal.

3. When things get steamy on HTGAWM.

4. When Callie is perfection.

5. When Cyrus is being his best hot-mess self.

6. When you're legit scared of how Fitz will react.

7. When Olivia's baes are fighting over her.

8. When there's a new crop of interns, and you learn to embrace them.

9. When you correctly solve a HTGAWM case.

10. And when you're BLINDSIDED by something twisty.

All emojis by Emoji One.

Get your recently used emojis prepped. Catch #TGIT on Thursdays starting at 8|7c.

It's gonna be [Dizzy Face].