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20 Times #TGIT Invented A New Emotional State Of Being

So dark. So twisty. So #TGIT.

1. When Meredith was first deemed "dark and twisty."

2. When Olivia longed for “painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary” love.

3. When Annalise forgave all our sins with "Don't be."

How we felt:

Like we are not worthy.

4. When Miranda felt like she was holding everything together with "tape and glue."

5. When Connor's sexy skills were exposed.

6. When Jo and Karev decided to move in together.

7. When Mama Pope popped up unannounced.

8. When Michaela welcomed us to the “horror show.”

9. When Abby's "lion" monologue changed the way we think about women in politics.

10. When Maggie found out the truth about her Alzheimer's gene.

11. When this tragic selfie happened:

How we felt:

Newly suspicious of every Snapchat we've received.

12. When Papa Pope snuck into the White House and blackmailed the First Lady.

13. And then when his daughter shut...him...down.

14. When Meredith's giving birth to Baby Ellis was interspersed with that Mama Ellis flashback.

How we felt:

Like time is an imaginary construct.

15. When Fitz, Olivia, and Olivia's captor had a chill three-way phone call.

How we felt:

Like our beating hearts were swiped from our hands.

16. When Meredith and her siblings danced away the pain.

17. When Lila's killer was revealed.

18. When Huck got a little carried away with his mission.

19. When Asher did this:

20. And when Annalise gave us the nine words that rewrote modern betrayal.