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12 Ways To Sneak Out For An Actual Lunch Break

What stands between you and a relaxing lunch is a boss who can see everything. No more! Break away! Free yourself! And let TGI Fridays be your lunch spirit guide.

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1. Create a never-ending loop of notes:

Jason Sweeten / BuzzFeed

2. Make sure your screen saver does NOT turn on:

3. Have some busywork open on your screen:

Jason Sweeten / Via Buzzfeed

4. Leave some personal items on your desk:

Jason Sweeten / Via BuzzFeed

5. Create a decoy lunch that people will just assume you'll have later:

6. Schedule fake meetings with other co-workers:

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7. Get really aggressive with caution tape to make it look like there was an incident:

8. Change your smartphone's signature:

Jason Sweeten / Via BuzzFeed

9. Find an office doppelgänger to sit at your desk for a bit:

10. Eat much later in the day, and no one will be the wiser:

Guy Sie (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 76491533@N00

11. Take a pretend phone call and shout "HOLD ON LET ME FIND A ROOM!" Then proceed to just walk away.

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12. But if your boss gives you any flak, just say you were working the entire time.