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12 Things You Understand If You're Obsessed With College Basketball

Basketball is your religion. These are your holidays. Welcome to the dance.

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8. You know all it takes to win any argument in March is to remind someone that their bracket is busted.

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"You had a 12 seed in the semifinals, Foster! What in the holy hell were you thinking?!"

10. You try to be a good sport when the person who "knows nothing about basketball" wins the entire office pool.

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"You weren't even gonna enter! And now you have my $20! That's...great!!!"

You know that eating mozzarella sticks every day for weeks isn't a dietary choice, it's a necessary part of the ritual.

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"I'll thank you to respect the customs and traditions of my people."

TGI Fridays is about that college hoops life, with all the down-to-the-wire thrills, a bar full of drinks, and endless appetizers. Be here for the mayhem.

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