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12 Things You Understand If You're Obsessed With College Basketball

Basketball is your religion. These are your holidays. Welcome to the dance.

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1. You struggle to maintain desktop order while researching and filling out your bracket.

BuzzFeed / Eric Sams

Tabs on tabs on tabs.

2. You know exactly how fast you can get back from the bar you snuck out to if your boss notices you're gone.

Like, to the second.

3. Your fashion choices for the month of March are dictated entirely by your team's colors.


4. You know the shame when the shooting guard you've been saying all season is overrated drops 25 and 10 on your squad.

5. Your bracket is all you think about day and night.

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6. You know how to keep your composure to hide the fact that the game is streaming on your computer.

7. You feel un-American watching the first games of the tournament without a cold drink in your hand.

College you is staring into the future and crying RN.

8. You know all it takes to win any argument in March is to remind someone that their bracket is busted.

CBS / Via

"You had a 12 seed in the semifinals, Foster! What in the holy hell were you thinking?!"

9. You're literally never not checking scores on your phone.

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10. You try to be a good sport when the person who "knows nothing about basketball" wins the entire office pool.

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"You weren't even gonna enter! And now you have my $20! That's...great!!!"

11. You only refer to your team as "us" or "we" when talking basketball strategy.

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12. You tense up when the underdog team throws up the desperation shot from half court in the final second. / Via

"No way that's going in. No WAY that's going in. $#^& me, it went in."

You know that eating mozzarella sticks every day for weeks isn't a dietary choice, it's a necessary part of the ritual.

Courtesy of TGI Fridays

"I'll thank you to respect the customs and traditions of my people."

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